Over 25% of all website use WordPress, should you?
What you get

Yep you read that correctly, over 25% of ALL websites use WordPress. See the W3Techs report on usage for more information. We would be fools to not understand how 25% of the entire web works. Thankfully, we utilize WordPress internally for our blog and many of our customers use WordPress for various reasons. Some extremely popular sites use WordPress, including many popular high-traffic blogs. So the perception that it cannot do everything you need is not correct.

cms plugins and apps
Plugins & Apps

With a vast array of plugins and templates, WordPress enables you to get a site updated or created very quickly. What it may lack in integration or customization is made up in streamlined and consistent interfaces. If your business needs to manage content, a small e-commerce shop, or heck even the best use, a blog, WordPress is a great solution.

wordpress templates

WordPress truly provides Karbyn with flexibility. We can extend an existing template. We all know the templates look great, but getting your specific content to fit into the template with the necessary images is where we excel. We can create custom templates for your team. We leverage our knowledge of PHP and Front-end development to build beautiful responsive WordPress themes specifically for you. So if you have a really tight deadline or are looking for something completely custom, WordPress is a great option.