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We build, tinker, think.
Our thinking questions the accepted. We are creative problem solvers. We are here for a single reason: you.
About Karbyn
Est. 2012

Founded by James de la Bastide and Joe Donofrio to address the problem many agencies face: finding, maintaining and retaining dedicated, trained talent on technology projects. With each founder spending over a decade at various agencies of varying sizes, we built a company that focuses on the employee. This focus has paid off with the company experiencing zero attrition since founding. Karbyn’s focus on its employees benefits its clients. We gain confidence in long-term relationships with a talented staff that stays consistent for the length of an engagement. Karbyn is fortunate to work with great SMB and Global Fortune 500 companies with relationships spawned from launch and continuing today. We understand the challenges these companies face, usually with a short staff to manage daily operations. These challenges mean that the solutions we provide have to be robust, easy-to-use, and focus on primary business drivers.

About Karbyn
About us

Our office is in NoMad NYC. The high ceilings create quite the echo on conference calls. Sorry about that and we are working on it. The fire escape doubles as an outdoor patio, but don't tell anyone. Our work speaks for itself and we love what we do.

See our services page for exactly what we do, but in a nutshell we create web experiences for our customers. It is challenging and fun. We always welcome new challenges. We have seen a lot of crazy things, but are positive there is always something crazier to come.

Karbyn consists of experts with years of designing, creating, and integrating software for a vast array of industries and organizations. We are trusted partners, passionate about our work, engaged in your industry. Karbyn is an extension of your team, finding innovative ways to do the impossible.

Karbyn Employees

The Karbyn roster

We introduce the Karbyn team.

de la Bastide
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Founder and Chief Operating Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Information Officer
Software Consultant II
Technical Project Manager II
Creative Consultant II | Front End Developer
Karbyn Manifesto
Manifesto / Values

Be the absolute best you can be at all times. Shortcuts lead to mediocrity and reduced joy for all around. Be humble. Be confident. Love the work you do and do it well, as it is one of the largest lasting impressions of the life you have lead. Don’t live for work, but work for what you love. Hold the door for other people and show respect. Make other people’s lives easier and your life will be easier as well. A problem without a suggested solution is called a complaint. Stop complaining and enact change. Be yourself, be creative and make no apologies for it. Help those around you without question. Be the change you want to see. What do we do? Anything. People make the company and a person’s ingenuity is boundless. Believe it, focus on it, and it can be accomplished. This is not a job; it is a lifestyle. Go all in at least once in your life, strive for it everyday. That is our mission and yours as well.

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